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1. Create a plan

Simple, step by step wizard with suggestions, videos and examples.

2. Manage your plan

Always live and always the latest version BPlan® acts like a live action list for everyone.

3. Manage your people

Assign initiatives to all your people and let the BPlan® Reminder Robot follow up for you.

Online Business Planning that works!
BPlan® helps you to identify key issues for your plan through a simple and innovative diagnostic system. This will focus you on what is most important and is critical to a successful plan and a successful business.

Simple steps to build a plan
With examples provided at each level and a simple ability to drag and drop examples into your plan, the plan almost writes itself.

Manage the plan and your people
The online plan means you and all your staff have the most up to date version of the plan at all times. No confusion as to who has the most recent version or when it was last updated.

Live action list
Everyone has their own dashboard that tells them exactly what is expected and when. As the plan is completed or new tasks are added, everyone’s dashboard is updated to ensure they know their priorities.

Automatic reminders
BPlan® sends automatic reminders to you and your staff to ensure the plan is always front of mind and actions are completed.